Welcome to 2014 GC Girlfriends! by Hanna J.

To all my wonderful and loyal GC Girlfriends.

Welcome to 2014!  Is everyone having a wonderful start to the year so far?

It's already day 3 and I'm re-designing and getting ready for the re-launch of the all new www.gramercycouture.com website, so here we are at last!

I'm excited to bring our fabulous #GramercyGirls all the new trends and styles that are going to be hot and happening in the coming seasons of 2014! So check back in every week for new arrivals and trends of dresses, cute tops, skirts, pants, shorts, jackets and more, direct from the States and subscribe to Gramercy Club to be the first to know about limited promotions, new styles and updates!

I'd like to thank all our #GramercyGirls for sharing all your fun times and fashion memories with us these past couple of years and will look forward to many more as we evolve and travel through this fashion journey together!

Don't forget to LIKE all your favourite styles on our Facebook and get your friends to LIKE our page please! :)

Have a fantastic year to come and stay in touch with emails and posts of all your #GramercyStyle #GramercyLove #GramercyRocks moments! Happy shopping!              

With love,  

Hanna J.

CEO, Personal Shopper, Stylist

Gramercy Couture

Hanna J.
Hanna J.


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