My Heart Is Full And I Can Always Use More Love - By Vanessa Fleming Yoga

Oh Morocco. You’re so weird and wonderful and challenging and awful and beautiful and unique.

When I left the USA at the beginning of May, I knew I’d have my work cut out for me. The first part of my journey included me questioning my decision to leave. But the more I asked, the more I knew it was time. 

Vanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga Croatia

I landed in Croatia after two weeks holiday in France, and it was wonderful. I met amazing people, open hearts, strong connections. I could only imagine what it would be like going to Morocco. I thought the magic would transcend the continents with me.

It did not transcend. I hated it here, at first. I almost quit my new job that I had worked and saved myself for. I was so confused by this place that is full of sunshine but that was so very dark.

Vanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga Morroco

My whole being was challenged. Who I am, what I am working for. I just simply didn’t know any longer. I reverted back into being 22 again. Immaturity in handling situations, longing for a way out, looking for a way to connect. 

I argued with co-workers. I cowered in the face of adversity. I listened to the haters and ignored my heart. I ignored the haters and listened to my heart. In the end, the haters and the heart with both right, and both wrong.

Vanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga MorrocoVanessa Fleming Yoga Morroco


What I can say now, after just submitting my visa papers… I am connecting. Today, I pulled from my heart strings. I came real. I came raw. I had a fuck-all of 2 weeks…I had a huge fight with my co-worker, I’ve been struggling with my own organization of life and work, I had challenge after challenge thrown at me, and I was in a very short-lived relationship that was based on a cosmic connection that I still can’t believe. The co-worker and I talked it out and now we are smooth sailing, the challenges worked themselves through and I have the confidence again to know that I can be a problem solver. The relationship ended abruptly but I realize that he was never mine to have. It was never a reflection of my quest for partnership, but a reflection that I have something to give to someone that needs it more than I do. He needed love, even if it was just for a short period of time. I gave it with nothing expected in return. I took it personally at first. But last night, I said this wasn’t for me. It was for him. And I believed that in my heart. 

So today, I brought that to class. The energy from my students today, after sharing my heart, was electric. It gave me chills. It gave me the shakes. Tears were shed. 

My co-workers at the villa and I do not speak the same language. But this week, we’ve connected. They feel like family. The love I feel for and from is so beautiful.

And I’ve heard from 3 separate people today, randomly, all from different elements in my life. All of them I love dearly. I think they feel my heart opening wide, as I sent it all out there, to the universe. 

The size of my heart and its ability to maintain more love is awe-inspiring for me.

Keep finding the love. It only gets better with time.


Vanessa (Vanessa Fleming Yoga)


Vanessa Fleming
Vanessa Fleming


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