2015: New Year, New You by Vanessa Fleming

The coming of a new year always signifies change. It’s mid-January, and most of us have probably already broken that resolution we swore you weren’t going to break (we’ve all been there). Or perhaps still putting off that new thing that we’ve really wanted to try but just haven’t found the time. Sometimes we all have to take a step back and view the small steps to change. For instance, perhaps you part your hair in a different place for just a week. Or maybe you take that shirt that has been hanging in the back of your closet unattended for the last 10 years and commit to either rock it, or donate it.

A new you doesn’t mean a massive overhaul, abandoning everything you know. Subtle changes and upgrades can help you evolve and sustain new style over time. But where to start with subtle changes?!

Let’s face it: the idea of sexy changes from when you’re 25 to when you’re 35. I recently pulled out a photo of me when I was 25 and saw the outfit I was wearing...oooh boy! Besides the fact that it was so out of date style-wise, the clothes were just not appropriate for me anymore. Sound familiar?

Embrace Your Inner Femininity

American, New York based fashion icon and designer Betsey Johnson knows exactly how to keep the fun and feminine with her 

Betsey Johnson 1950's Cotton Brocade Peplum Formal Dresscreations. Her 1950’s Cotton Brocade Peplum Formal Dress is the perfect combination of feminine and fun, with a touch of vintage and can be dressed for a very fancy occasion, or dressed down for a night out on the town with a jacket and some boots. Whatever the need, add a little playfulness with this timeless dress.                               Betsey Johnson 1950's Cotton Brocade Peplum Formal Dress                                                                                                                       

Your Closet Can Be As Multi Dimensional As Your Life 

 Having that one piece that can carry you through multiple occasions is essential for any closet. Whether it’s for cocktails with your lady friends, date night, a meeting at work, or a casual dinner, the Elegant Coral Jacket can be that staple. Dress down with jeans, or make it business formal with a skirt.










Flirty and Fun Has No Limits

Suede Minx Peep-Toe Ankle Boots...the NAME is just flirtatious! How adorable are these boots?! And if you’re a shorty at all, like me, think of how tall you will be! That’s a transformation in of itself!  


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Vanessa Fleming for Gramercy Couture


Hanna Nguyen
Hanna Nguyen


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