Confidence by Coccole (Nicole) Jarvis

I know I have talked about this before, but I keep coming back to it as I find confidence to be a super power.

When I was growing up I was inspired by all of these fashionable women from the Spice Girls to Kate Moss, and by traveling a lot, I was constantly exposed to different cultures, societies, tastes and perspectives. I thought that by copying other beautiful women it would make me beautiful; I wanted to be thin and tall, when naturally I am short with Latina curves which made it very difficult to copy the style of these women when it didn’t suit me at all. And it wasn’t actually until I turned 19 that I started accepting me for me.

Accept you as you, your individuality, self expression, not being afraid to be yourself, and embrace who you are in every way. The beauty of being a woman is that there are so many different colours to us, so many layers and so many types, that’s why you have to be yourself, because there is only ONE of you. Everyone else is taken!

By Coccole (Nicole) Jarvis

Photos by Emilien Itim

Coccole (Nicole) Jarvis
Coccole (Nicole) Jarvis


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