Gramercy Couture: A Pop-up Story - by Kaoko Miyazaki

It’s a beautiful day. I’m walking down the street and soft rays of sunlight pat me on my back. A light wind welcomes my presence and reaffirms my energy. Gleeful birds are cheering me on, promising positivity. I know I’m going to have a great day. 

I step out of the day and into the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The air, scented with spices, nourishes me with every breath. I’ve got a destination in mind, a number of errands to run, and my body steers automatically. My feet move without thought and my eyes look blankly ahead with nothing to focus on. I’ve been here more than enough times, it’s all routine now.

But something catches my eye, something that wasn’t there before. My eyes linger before turning into a focused gaze. It’s a floral pattern. It beckons my body and my feet instinctively oblige.

I move closer and see that it’s a blue floral wrap dress with short bell sleeves. I hold the floral pattern in my hand and feel the soft material. My eyes brighten, delighted to have another sense joining their excitement. I can’t help but smile.

I look around in wonder, the blue floral wrap dress still in hand. A pop-up shop full of elegant mermaid gowns, chic cocktail dresses, stylish sweaters, modish skirts, and so much more fill my sight. I take the blue wrap dress off the rack and move deeper into the store. As I move closer to the racks, the details of each piece unfurl themselves.

Knit Glitter Criss-Cross Backless DressBackless Glitter Knit Dress twinkles and I picture myself beaming with joy on girls’ night surrounded by my besties. Knit Glitter Backless DressAnother piece, this time a Coral Short Sleeve Lace Cocktail number, whisks me away to a romantic dinner, matching my Coral Lace Dressred wine and dashing date. From the corner of my eye I notice an Off Shoulder Maxi Dress flirting with me and I immediately hear the comforting waves as I sip on mimosas at beachside brunch. With each piece comes a glimpse of my life. There’s a look for each occasion, a lifestyle sewn, patterned, and detailed onto each item. I look around the store in awe; relishing the endless possibilities the clothes promise me. It’s fashion come to life. It’s Gramercy Couture,          

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 Love and fashion dreams to you all.




- Kaoko Miyazaki   xoxo


Kaoko Miyazaki
Kaoko Miyazaki


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