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Kaoko Miyazaki Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger for GRAMERCY COUTURE fashion onlineKaoko Miyazaki is an avid writer/blogger keen to explore the exciting world of lifestyle fashion. Though ethnically Japanese, she was born and raised in Thailand and is now working and living in Sydney, Australia. Her internationality brings out her love of culture, storytelling, and learning about the many different ways people live their lives. To Kaoko, life is one big story and that’s where her passion for writing comes from. This is also where her interest in fashion comes from, the fact that our clothes and styles are able to tell so much of a person’s story. Whether it’s through fashion or words, it’s obvious Kaoko is always up for a good story!

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Coccole Jarvis Life-Style Inspiration Guest Blogger

Coccole (Nicole) Jarvis is a blogger who writes about not only the fashion luxury products, but, giving you positive thoughts in every post for you to have a little escape of routine or a nice boost of motivation, the feeling of being beautiful and elegant. One small positive thought can change your whole day. A little escape of routine with amazing photography and kind words to your heart.  Nicole is passionate about fashion and its implications in culture and society. Nicole has studied Marketing, merchandising, photography, publicity and styling. 

"My name is Nicole Jarvis and I’m based in Switzerland the watches and cheeses country!  However, I’ve been living in Switzerland for the past four years. So I speak English, Spanish and French because my dad is English and my mother is Colombian. I am a fervent lover and passionate about understanding people’s feelings and their ways of expressing themselves, so I think fashion helps a lot in that."                                                                                         

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Vanessa Fleming Yoga Guru Teacher & lifestyle bloggerVanessa Fleming was told by her mother, “Vanessa, you are little, so you won’t be seen. You must be heard." She took this quite literally and her laughter can carry through a room of 50 people. When she isn’t laughing loudly, she can be found on her yoga mat learning and teaching, on her surfboard catching waves, on her snowboard shredding mountains, or hopping on a plane to travel the world. Vanessa incorporates therapeutic elements of yoga in her teachings, and wants her students and people all around to just enjoy life as much as she’s learned to.  Tune in for more of Vanessa's thoughts and lifeSTYLE Inspirations with Gramercy Couture by subscribing to her monthly blog with us.